Why Yarra Plastics

For your consideration I list some of the advantages in dealing with Yarra Plastics.

  • Quality :- our preferred supplies provide only Australian Made plastic and other raw materials.
    Which we believe to be far more superior that than of any others. (We can do it cheaper with imported plastics but we won’t.)
  • Strength :- All our tanks and products have been over-engineered, we add the extra plastic for that extra thickness in all the right places. (We don’t just put in the minimum amount and hope for the best to save a dollar or two)
  • Service :- Only a family business can give you 1 on 1 service, unlike a corporation with sales managers, representatives or sales departments 1 on 1 with the owners from start to finish
  • An employee won’t give you the same service as an owner will. We have built a reputation over the last 20 odd years and we not only want to maintain it but set the standard for our industry.
  • By practicing all the above enables us to manufacture a product not on price but on quality that is reliable and given that we have not had any warranty claims with our goods in its self supports this statement. Not many in the industry can say that.